7 Benefits of Stand Up Paddle boarding


The popularity of stand-up paddle boarding has exploded over the last two decades. It is a pretty great sport, allows young and old to experience the nature in a variety of forms. It’s an escape, an adventure, and a low-impact form of exercise. Not only is paddle boarding good for our stoke but it had quite a few health and physical benefits as well.  Through paddle, boarding paddler is able to get a great workout and huge enjoyment simultaneously. So check out a few Health Benefits of Stand Up Paddleboarding below.

1. Helps with balance

Staying upright atop your wobbly stand-up paddle board (or SUP) does more than keep you dry, it requires a lot of balance to stand up on the board. You’ll be practicing both, your core and leg strength to keep yourself balanced on the board. A good sense of balance is vital for those in certain jobs, particularly any which involve ladders or heights. 

Ready for the waves...

2. Low impact workout

If you’re not at the peak of fitness, or looking for a good way to lose a few pounds and tone up your muscle, this is a really good, low impact way to start. Paddle boarding steals many such heart-healthy treasures from cross-training, running, aerobics, and cycling without shivering your timbers. You’re under no pressure to do more than you are capable off as well. You choose what you do and when you do it.

3.Weight loss

While you may not think a gentle paddle is doing anything, it will. Paddle boarding is a great way to lose those few extra pounds. A SUP will help you build up muscle slowly, and as you do you will tone up, look leaner and start to feel fitter. Paddle boarding can burn 300-400 calories, just by paddling casually across the water.

Walking and running are seen as good ways to burn calories and lose weight, but a SUP is a lower impact sport and so you are less likely to suffer an injury and more likely to continue with it.


Did you know, just reading this article at your computer misaligns your spine? Our bad. Let us atone by pointing out that SUP-top balancing also builds the habits and muscles needed to straighten you out again.

5. Works the whole body

This is also, many of the great advantages of paddle boarding. Your whole body gets a good workout and most of the time you don’t even realize it. The simple act of walking in to the water with your SUP and balancing on it gives your muscles a workout, and then you have the paddling on top. 

6. Stamina

Sometimes every day tasks just seem too hard. They taking too much energy and use too much muscle power. Building up your stamina makes it easier to get through the day and get everything done.

The overall effect of paddle boarding helps to getting stronger. Strengthening your muscles will make it easier to do physical activities, while the cardio workout helps develop your endurance. Reducing stress levels is a great help with stamina too, as it gives you a clear mind work on any problems you may have.

7.Stress Relief 

Stress  can cause many health issues, including heart problems and it stops you from thinking clearly. Reducing stress can improve your mind so you can think clearly, and this is a huge benefit to everyone’s life. Just breathing in the fresh air and being on the water by yourself can be enough to get rid of that negative energy!

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get on your board and start paddle boarding today!